First Impressions: Deep Sea Adventure

In these first impression series we describe our knee jerk reaction to games after a maximum of two play throughs. Today we are looking at Deep Sea Adventure, designed by Jun Sasaki, Goro Sasaki and published by Oink Games.

Deep Sea Adventure is a push your luck game where you dive to the bottom of the ocean using dice to try and get treasure before you run out of oxygen.


The Appearance of Deep Sea Adventure

To begin we look at the packaging and contents of the game and how high quality the pieces are. Deep Sea Adventure looks amazing and the design is simple, beautiful and perfect. The contents of the box are of high quality and feel great.

The general appearance and graphic design of Deep Sea Adventure scores a solid 5 out of 5 meeples.

Game Play of Deep Sea Adventure

The first game we played we found it difficult at times to remember to move the oxygen levels down, which is probably down to the fact that you play the initial turns without moving it at all. This isn’t really anything against the game, but moving that oxygen marker can be easy to forget.

During our first play through everything clicked and we realised how amazing this game is. At some point our group started to use the phrase “I’d take that” when referring to another player picking up a treasure, trying to goad other players into pushing their luck too far. Most of the time everyone ignored the goading, but it was still very enjoyable.


Final Thoughts

Our group absolutely loved this game, it’s a perfect game to fill in between heavier games or when people are feeling a little tired at the end of the night. Our game group perked up a little more after playing it and that was at the end of the night.

We give Deep Sea Adventure 4 and 1/2 Meeples out of 5. It would get a 5 but it’s not very easy to get hold of here in the UK, which is a shame.