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    Got back into the hobby recently and have built myself a 6′ 4′ baseboard and gonna get a gaming mat for it and then use scenery to flesh it out. Much thanks to all the help from the community for information on mats and board building.

    However, I have recently thought about where I am gonna go with terrain, and the mat will then go with whatever theme I use of course.

    The project is mainly by myself but I have some friends contributing and wanting to play. Budget as ever is a big factor, and I would like to preferably make some scenery or buy some affordable scenery. If there are any themes that are easy to achieve through homemade scenery that even an amateur could make look good! A ruined city is of course relatively simple, and will keep in mind, but kinda wanna steer form that theme.

    Any help and advice is appreciated

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    Home made scenery is more affordable and really enjoyable to make, I have been posting up some videos on youtube that might be worth checking out:

    Good luck with your builds!

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