Elements of a Good Zombie Game

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    It is closing in on Halloween and I was considering putting together a quick Zombie game for my family and friends to play this year. I was planning on each player taking a “character” and then playing against certain mission objectives where they could co-op or not. I would run the Z’s.

    I have limited experience with this genre, only having played Last NIght on Planet Earth and Walking Dead: All Out War.

    Looking at the genre, here are some things that need to be there:
    Zombie movement that is somewhat predictable so you can plan how to avoid, corral, or railroad the Zeds
    Some sort of searching option to find better stuff
    A mechanic for attracting Walkers
    Zombies can be defeated one-on-one, but as more arrive it gets harder and harder
    Attrition on the characters
    Getting “Bitten”
    So, what are essential elements in your mind for a multi-player game of this type? What are some really good ones you have played?

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