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    What old / classic / crap games with potential would you remake if you were given a studio and free reign?

    A few that sprung to mind for me;
    System Shock 2. Loved it back in the day but its a bit clunky now and had some bad quirks to it. A GFX overhaul, new talent systems, and some expanded levels and wooha.
    Age of Empires 1/2. Again loved this back in the day and I know its had some remakes and updates but I’d love to give it a real 2018 overhaul – new AI coding, gfx updates and some new races.
    Aliens VS Predator 1. Something about it just frigging worked well. But definitely would need an update in sounds and gfx and engine.
    A noteable mention to Daytona racing 2. Quite good engine back int he day and a remake would be fun to do.

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    Age of Empires 2 – it was THE game for me growing up I sank so much time into it and age of empires 3 never quite had the same appeal to me.

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    Yes Age of Empires was a great one! So, are you really going to do it?

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