How do you handle humans in your setting?

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    I’m currently working away on a system of my own (pipe dream and all that) and this is a question that I’m currently grappling with. What do you do with humans in your setting?

    Now at the moment, the best way I can describe how I’m approaching humans is to compare them with the eldar of 40k. They are an old old old civilisation (but not the oldest) with a great understanding of their own technology and magic, but who’ve suffered a cataclysmic set back and are thus hampered by a lack of resources and numbers.

    They don’t have all the answers though, because there are eldritch horrors out there beyond their comprehension, and a great back hole exists in their history that’s given rise to myths and legends. They exist in different groups who are sometimes allies, sometimes enemies, but where they differ from the eldar is that although they are down, they are not out, and they’re determined to reclaim what’s lost. They’re rage raging against the dying of the light, because I want my setting to be a bit more opportunistic than say, 40k.

    What about the rest of you? I assume you’d use humans as the ‘main characters’ and pretty much plant them in the middle of, well, everything in your game right?

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