Need advice flattening dice tower floor

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    There is a simple 3D printed dice tower that I did a 20 minute job painting, and I’m generally happy with it. So much better than my normal cardboard cutouts.

    So I use it for D&D, and depending on the size and sides of dice, it seems like between 1 of 10 to 1 of 20 die rolls comes out cocked. It happened on the first game I played with it, just last night. Trying to take out the black dragon wyrmling that was one of the final encounters for the night, the die came up as either like a 19 or a 2. And the DM, who knows I don’t try to cheat or game the system, made some jokes about how convenient that is, and I apologized and told him I’d roll on the table for the rest of the game. I like my dice tower. Want to keep using it…

    SO! What do you experienced hobbyists recommend I use to fill in the gaps? on the floor. I know I probably need to use some Citadel Lahmian Medium to keep whatever product from being glossy.

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