What is the best 3d print point?

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    I just do not see it. It’s very inefficient. I’m great for some serious artists who design or use their own stuff, but for most things, it’s nonsense. Let’s tell anyone who knows how to work with Mr. Rogers or How It’s Made of Work. The ladder machine threw some stairs in a few seconds and the cost could be less than one quarter! The 3D printer creates a small staircase in half an hour and it uses expensive materials that may not be of good quality.
    While you ask a man “What do you print if you have a 3D printer?” Some people say “another 3D printer” or “a gun” or something else that can not be printed. Others say “Paperclippers, stairs, recorders, forks, toilet brushes” and other items that are useful, but it is so easily available that it is not only worthless. If you need a baby doll, just go to the toy store and buy a doll. It can be good and a voice can be worth talking, and half a price. Some people directly say “2D print back issues” but will not actually replace 3D print computer printers and no one will start calling “HP 2D” to their HP printer.

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    You can always rent or give your designs to a 3D Printing shop if you do not want to buy one yourself.

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    Yes and there are also maker spaces which allow you to go and use them!

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