3D Printable Dungeon Traps (Pack 2)



These 3D printable dungeon traps are perfect for any dungeon, make adventurers think twice before they step deeper into the dungeon. Use traps like the Bear Trap and Vine Trap for jungle or forest encounters and the Arcane or Falling Pillar traps for temple or dungeon adventures. With this many traps you will be covered for a long time to come, but need even more traps? Checkout our Dungeon Pack 1.
Your confidence grows, yet there are still traps you have yet to discover, step carefully friend!

This pack includes all of the following:

  • Bear Trap
  • Swinging Spikes Trap (Supports)
  • Arcane Rune Trap
  • Monster Pit Trap
  • Swinging Blade (Supports)
  • Empty Pit Trap
  • Vine Trap
  • Crushing Walls Trap
  • Rolling Rock Trap
  • Hidden Pit Trap
  • Falling Pillar Trap (Supports)

Please note

Digital products: You will receive this product instantly as a digital download containing all .stl files to print as many as you like.
Printing times and costs may vary depending on your printer and the filament you use.
Physical products: Free P&P and only to UK mainland.